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Picture Quality – Movie Motion Fluidity

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From a social standpoint projecting moving images on the wall of a public hall to entertain audience

couldn’t have materialized at a better time given the immigration exodus to America at the turn of the

20th century.


First attempts were very short length and captured at 10~12 frames per second which resulted in

incredibly jerky movements such that it gave motion picture a cartoon feel.


In order to incorporate a more serious feel while going for feature length, the thought of increasing

number of frames per second to 16 eradicated the motion jerkiness replacing it with image succession

fluidity. Adding a more compelling spice the narrative style was introduced as opposed to linear story-telling

which stimulated greater viewing interest.


Wishing to innovate to the next level by joining dialogue to motion picture developers were first surprised

by the obvious lip sync issues. If you’ve ever watched a ‘70s Hong Kong martial arts movie were dialogue

is first uttered then the lips move you know exactly what I am referring to.


Going back to how jerkiness was corrected to motion fluidity, the number of frames per second was increased

to 24 whereas both dialogue and lips were synchronized. In 1927 the first talking motion picture entitled “The

Jazz Singer” was released. Cinematography’s new established standard of 24fps to this date is still in effect.


The greatest quality of 24fps cinematography is its ability to create a fantasy world distancing the physical

audience from the silver screen yet fueling the audience’s imagination a wide scope of emotions.


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