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Refrigerator icemaker issues: others

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Does the ice have particles in the cubes?


This can be caused by minerals in the water that can accumulate in the tray. In this case, a water purifying system may be required. It can also be caused by debris in the ice bin.  Periodically clean the ice bin to avoid any particle accumulation in the bin.




Won’t the icemaker respond to the reset?


If the icemaker will not respond to the reset, check to see if the feeler arm is frozen. If it is frozen, the arm will not move which can prevent it from resetting. Use a warm, wet cloth to melt any ice around the arm and try to reset again. If it still will not reset, unplug the unit for a couple of minutes and try again.




Won’t the tray return to the upright position?


(Twist-N-Serve) If the tray will not return to the upright position after the reset, perform the reset again.  Make sure that there is no ice on the tray or arm that is preventing it from returning to the upright position. If there is, melt with a warm, wet cloth.





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