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Ice is Overflowing the Bin

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If the bin is not inserted properly, ice will fall out of the bin as it is dumped by the icemaker. Confirm that the ice bin is inserted properly. Check around the bin for items that could be obstructing it from going in all the way.

On Bottom Mount and French Door units, the bin must be positioned properly on the tray drawer to prevent ice from spilling over. This bin should be pushed all the way in (to the back) and to the left so that it is directly beneath the icemaker. If not, ice will not dump into the bin properly. This bin is also smaller to fit the design of the freezer compartment. As a result, when the bin is pulled out to get ice, the arm will drag across the top of the bin, knocking a few cubes out. Lift up the arm on the icemaker prior to removing the bin. This will reduce spills.

Finally, empty the ice bin completely. With the ice bin empty, close the home’s saddle valve as much as you can to reduce the water pressure. Check the water pressure at the water dispenser while turning the saddle valve. You’ll be able to see the water pressure getting lower. This will help reduce the size of the ice cubes, which will help the icemaker realize when the bin is full. Set the cube size to small by pushing the size-selecting button.

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