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Humming Noise

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Humming sounds are associated with the normal operation of the unit. Most of the time, noises are muffled during the day by activity in the home, but heard at night when it is more quiet. Certain types of installations can make these sounds louder than normal.

Humming sounds are typically heard during the compressor operation, as the unit works to cool. Humming sounds can also come from the operation of the fan, defrost heater, dispenser, and icemaker. It is also common to hear humming noises caused by the air flow of the unit during cooling mode.

If the humming noise is occurring at a regular time frame of approximately every 1-2 hours and you don’t have a water line connected, this may be the result of the icemaker. If this is the case, open the icemaker compartment and switch the icemaker to off (“O”) in order to stop the noise from occurring.

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