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Water Will Not Dispense

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If the water is not dispensing, this can usually be a result of an interruption in the water supply.

When the unit is newly installed or the water supply is first connected, there is air in the water lines that must be flushed out. After making certain that the water supply valve is open, press and hold a glass to the dispenser for 3-5 minutes. A humming sound should be heard when pushing in the dispenser lever. Hold the glass until the water begins dispensing. Dispose of the first 2 gallons of water, so as not to consumer any dust or debris that may be in the lines prior to installation. Straighten any bends or kinks in the water lines as well.

The display on the dispenser should not be locked. Make sure that the dispenser function is set to water, rather than cubed or crushed ice. If the dispenser was locked, unlock the display and/or press the dispenser button until water is selected, then try to dispense water.

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