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Interior Shelving

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The shelves in your refrigerator are adjustable in order to meet your individual storage needs. Your model may have glass or wire shelves. Adjusting the shelves to fit different heights of items will make finding the exact item you want easier. Doing so will reduce the amount of time the refrigerator door is open and will save energy.

Detaching the Shelf

Tilt up the front of the shelf (1) and lift it straight up (2). Pull the shelf out.

Assembling the Shelf

Tilt the front of the shelf up and guide the shelf hooks into the slots at a desired height. Then, lower the front of the shelf so that the hooks drop into the slots.

Using the Folding Shelf

You can store taller items, such as gallon containers or bottles, by simply pushing the front half of the shelf underneath the back half of the shelf. Pull the front of the shelf toward you to return to a full shelf.

Notes for Cleaning

Do not clean glass shelves with warm water while they are cold. The shelves may break if exposed to sudden temperature changes or impact. Glass shelves are heavy, use special care when removing them.

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