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Moving unit around

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QUESTION:  I want to move my refrigerator. Can I move it around horizontally?

ANSWER:     Moving the product horizontally might have an adverse effect on the compressor and

other components that operates vertically. If it is not absolutely necessary, please try to avoid this


Should you have no choice but to move the refrigerator horizontally, please refer to following tips.

1. Make sure you lie it on either side but never on its rear or front.

2. Pad it well to limit it bouncing around from possible impact from road travelling.

3. Moment it’s brought in the house and put in upright position, leave it UNPLUGGED for approximately 12 hours.

    (this will allow the refrigerant and lubricant in the sealed system to properly settle before operating)

4. Should you notice any fluid leakage, do not plug it in. This issue will require a certified technician to inspect.

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