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Lamp inside or display panel outside won’t turn “on”?





Should neither lamp inside the refrigerator or display panel on the outside light up there is a good

chance electrical power is not reaching the appliance. This can happen when the power cord is not

fully inserted in the wall AC outlet. Ensure the power cord’s plug is pushed in fully into the AC

outlet. Should that not be an issue, verify the fuse or breaker box whether respective fuse or breaker

may have tripped. If everything is fine from that standpoint, try plugging a smaller different device

in the wall AC outlet such as a lamp to confirm whether outlet works fine or possibly defective. If the

outlet is defective, electricity is not being provided to refrigerator for lamp or display to turn “on”.

Should that be the case, consult an electrician.





Should all above concerns have been met successfully and there is still no power reaching the

refrigerator, please contact LG customer service to have service technician dispatched.

Additionally this could have resulted from a thunderstorm or power surge to the house. Remember

that the refrigerator is an appliance that runs constantly just like a television on stand-by mode and

as such is prone to be severely impacted by lightning current.

It is said that lightning often peaks at 100,000 amps or greater and even if your residence has a

lightning protection system installed that may handle 99.9% of the charge which would be excellent,

it still leaves 0.1% filtering through the household wiring which turns out 100 amps enough to fry

any electronic circuit board on any household. electrical device. Should it be the reason there is no

power to the refrigerator, a service technician will be needed to replace main circuit board.




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