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Closed door pops open or rattle when closing other door

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Closed door pops open or rattle




      The closed door on a French door refrigerator will pop open or might rattle the moment the

      other door gets closed due to inside air pressure increasing. As the opened door is being pushed

      closed it drags in and traps an excess of air inside the refrigerator looking to immediately escape.

      The pressure exerted on the one door by holding the handle to shut it close forces the trapped

      excess air to push open the other door in order to escape. That is a perfectly normal according

      to the laws of physics.


      A closed door rattling or popping open very momentarily is a normal phenomenon and not due

      to any defect of the product.



      Door can rattle if adherence of the rubber gasket is low. In that case, clean the rubber gasket.

      However, if it’s just the case of door popping open for a brief moment to let out excess of air

      dragged in from closing the other door, it’s perfectly normal and nothing can be done to

      prevent this.


      One solution to minimize the impact would be to level the product so that it inclines slightly to

      the back allowing gravity to ensure doors always close completely.


       If both doors are completely shut and beeping sound continues, that would then be due to a

          defective door sensor. Contact LG customer service for nearest authorized service center.





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