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Inner wall of the refrigerator cracked

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Are cracks found in the inner wall of the refrigerator?





Cracks can occur in the plastic materials of the refrigerator compartment inner walls due to sudden

temperature fluctuation. However, smaller size polyurethane insulation foam known as LG proprietary

“Thin Insulation Technology” is engineered and designed as superior airtightness and as such prevent

any dramatic changes in temperature between the inside of the refrigerator and the ambient air in the

room and won't let a crack in the inner wall panel affect refrigerator's performance.




Fine cracks inside will not affect much if any. However, the product may get deformed over a long

period of time. Please contact LG Customer Service to have product inspected by a certified technician.

Small cracks can easily be covered with “Liner Tape”.



1. Crack in the inner wall.


2. Large cracks.




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