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Particles in the Ice

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Particles in the ice can be caused by minerals in the water that accumulate in the ice tray. In this case, a water purifying system may be required. This can also be caused by debris in the ice bin. Periodically clean the ice tray and bin so that this does not accumulate. Also, the filter should be changed as recommended, every 4-6 months.

Recapitulating, if household water is supplied from a well or is qualified hard water, chances are that’s the main source of mineral deposit in the water. Under normal circumstances, just running water from the tap and filling up a glass, these particles remain invisible. However, when the water freezes then thaws, these dissolved mineral particles, also known as Calcium Carbonate, tend to solidify in tiny particles when the ice begins to melt.

Should that be the case, replacing the refrigerator water filter more often than recommended might be the ideal solution. If despite replacing filter regularly the situation persists, then you may have to consider a water purifying system between the water supply and the refrigerator.

Try filling a plastic ice cube tray from the sink and freezing it… when ice has been produced let it melt to see whether these ice cubes produce the same particles at which point you will have identified the root cause as the water supply. If it comes out clean then you will need to clean the ice bin thoroughly.

For those who cannot get rid of them, do remember that they exist in the water and appear invisible as they’ve been dissolved so, in that aspect, the water is safe to drink. It’s just unfortunate the freezing than thawing brings these minerals to light.


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