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EasyClean™ feature explanation

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Cleaning the oven cavity is a tedious chore. Ironically, the longer we wait the more painful the task.

The new EasyClean™ LG feature was designed to take away the negativity of the chore and everything

about it and turn it around quickly with great results and no aggravation.


LG ABSTRACT Hydrophilic enamel proprietary materials introduced in 2013 ranges’ oven cavity

make it so a selection of “special” minerals allow for microscopic channels in the porcelain.  The water

seeps into these channels under the stain and lifts it off.


Optimized performance execution of said feature is accomplished either with low heat or NO HEAT

although in this case it is recommended to fill the spray bottle with HOT tap water which will be more

than sufficient for cleaning & removing stains.


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