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Setting Display Panel to French language

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Setting display options – French language


The early versions of LG ranges featured the option of altering the language appearing in the small LCD display window between English, French and Spanish. Over time the method to make such alterations changed to the point of being completely eradicated.

As the LCD panel on LG range have become more sophisticated more often than enough relying on 3rd party application in providing text to scroll through the window LG can no longer guarantee the full availability of French translation to any of these apps.

For most LG ranges designed in 2012 or before, instructions to alter language in display panel are per following:


Oven control is set to display in English but can be altered to display in French or Spanish.


Press & hold WARM/PROOF key for 3 seconds. “AUTO” will appear in display.


Press WARM/PROOF key twice. “Lng” will appear in display panel.


Press number 3 key to set display panel to French.


(number 1 key to return to English or number 2 key to set it to Spanish)


Press the START key to confirm the change.

For most LG ranges designed in 2013 and 2014, the instructions to change the language on the display panel are per following:

Models designed in 2015, moving forward, unfortunately no longer feature that option as part of the settings for reason stipulated in aforementioned 2nd paragraph.




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