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Dishwasher detergent and never dishwashing liquid or dish soap



cause Cause


      ■  Use of a dishwashing liquid or baking soda will create excessive suds during washing or rinsing

          cycle, resulting in suds leaking out forming puddle of water around dishwasher and leading to

          appliance malfunctioning.




how to fix How to fix


      ■  If dishwashing liquid was used, make sure to wash off any remaining trace of detergent inside

          dishwasher tub and door to avoid bad experience from repeating itself after having cleaned up

          the mess it did outside the dishwasher.


      ■  Some dishwasher detergents may also form excessive suds.
          Please avoid the use of any such low quality detergent as they can cause errors and are sure to

          hinder efficiency performance of the dishwasher.



how to use How to use


     1.  Please use only dishwasher detergents. 


     2. Do not use dish soaps or dishwashing liquids for a dishwasher as they will generate excessive



     3. Using dish soaps or dishwashing liquids will cause abnormal noise within dishwasher and

         considerably diminish the efficiency performance of the appliance.


        dishwashing detergent

                Please ONLY use dishwasher detergent





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