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Persisting bad odor inside tub

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Tips on removing bad odor inside dishwasher



cause Cause


      ■ Should the dishwasher still give off a bad smell after having cleaned the tub, it is likely due to the

         drain hose (clogged, kinked or bent) or the filter (in need of some regular maintenance).




how to fix How to fix


      ■ Please clean the inside including the filter then run a cycle on an empty dishwasher with only an

         upright cup halfway filled with vinegar in the upper rack.




      ■ Should bad odor inside tub still persist, have a look at the drain hose where it connects to the

         dishwasher.  Any similar bad odor or worse detected at that end would mean something is

         preventing proper drainage. At that point, the services of a plumber are more than likely what

         will resolve this inefficient draining issue. 


         If odor still persists after all above troubleshooting executed, please contact LG Customer

         Information Centre.


         check drain hose

                                                Check drain hose







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