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Arcing or Sparking – Metal rack

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Arcing or Sparking – Metal rack issue




○ Cause          

       Did the microwave oven come with a metal rack?


       If the unit came with a metal rack, be certain that the rack is installed properly on all four of

      the plastic support brackets in the case of over-the-range models.


      If not, sparking can occur. The brackets are made out of plastic to prevent this from happening,

      but if not installed properly and the rack touches the inside wall, sparking will occur and risk

      damaging the unit.


      As for countertop type models, if a metal rack was provided, make sure all plastic feet are all in

      place and rack is positioned upright dead center on the glass tray so the rack doesn’t come in

      contact with back and side metal panels as well as cavity floor. If not, arcing risk occurring and

      eminent permanent damage to microwave oven will ensue.








○ Troubleshooting             

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