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How to Install a Pedestal

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As of January 2011, LG has released a special pedestal adaptation kit that allows older units that previously used a mounting bracket installation method to be secured to a new pedestal that uses the t-clip installation method. The adaptation kit contains mounting brackets and self-tapping screws.

Pedestals Manufactured After September 2009

Newer LG model pedestals will attach via the use of T-clips instead of adhesive brackets. Position the washer on top of the pedestal.

Be certain the holes on the pedestal align with the holes in the appliance, and then install 4 screws at each corner to securely attach the washer to its pedestal. At this point, the unit is ready to be moved into position.

Note: The appliance and pedestal assembly must be placed on a solid and level floor for proper operation. Adjust the legs of both the appliance and pedestal with the washer’s spanner wrench or an adjustable wrench. After the unit is leveled on top of the pedestal, be sure to tighten the lock nut up towards the pedestal’s base.

Pedestals Manufactured Before September 2009

For the older bracket type pedestal, place the washer on top of the pedestal and level both the washer and pedestal legs before attaching the brackets.

Remove the paper from the bracket.

Attach the double-faced tape of the bracket to the washer so the bent parts of the brackets align with the edge and can be attached to the pedestal with screws.

Note: Attach the lower side first.

Be sure to press the adhesive parts of the brackets firmly to the appliance.

Install the 8 screws supplied to attach the brackets to the pedestal.

Note: The appliance and pedestal assembly must be placed on a solid and level floor for proper operation. Adjust the legs of the appliance and pedestal by turning with a wrench. Then, adjust the lock nut toward the pedestal while holding the pedestal leg using a wrench.

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