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Issues With The Drum

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There are different issues you could experience with the drum of your unit, or substances that may need to be removed, such as:

Gum, Adhesive, or Ink

Crack, Tear, Separation


Gum, Adhesive, or Ink

Gum: To remove gum from your washer drum, use ice to harden the gum, and then carefully scrape it off with a non-metal item.

Adhesive (Glue, Sticker): A warm or hot wet cloth with a mild detergent is usually enough to remove stickers and most types of glue from the surface of the washer drum. Once it is removed, wipe the area free of detergent with a clean wet cloth.

Ink: To remove ink, first try using a warm, wet cloth with a mild detergent. If the ink will not come off, something that will help ink loosen its grip on the metal will be required. Use rubbing alcohol or hairspray and a paper towel. It may take some effort, but usually it will come off. If using hairspray to remove the ink, spray directly onto the ink spot. Change paper towels as needed to prevent ink from spreading around to other areas of the drum. Once the ink is removed, use a warm, wet cloth and mild detergent to clean the area of any hairspray or rubbing alcohol residue, as well as remaining ink.

Crack, Tear, Separation

If the drum of your washer is cracked, torn, or separated at the seam, the drum will have to be replaced. The stainless steel drum is covered under a lifetime part warranty for defects in manufacturing.


If your drum is rusting, it is likely caused by some metal item that was mistakenly washed in the unit, such as a coin, metal button, paper clip, etc. A stainless steel cleaner may be used to clean the rust from the drum. If the rust has eroded the surface, then the drum may need to be replaced.

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