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Cleaning the tub – Why?

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More and more customers are questioning the reasons they should clean the tub in their washing machine whether a front load, top load or even the dishwasher. The purpose for these appliances being, after all, is to clean, isn’t it?


Reasoning is really no different than cleaning the ring around the bathtub after a bath or the grimy stains left behind all over the bathtub or stall after taking a shower.

Dirty water has a greater density than clean water or detergent infused water. The greater density grimy water lags at exiting the drain so it winds up drying up clinging to the enclosure. That film of grime does not wash away with the next laundry load. Instead, it builds up and will eventually be detrimental to the wash if not cleaned in a timely fashion. Proper maintenance of one’s washing machine, just like any other appliance, is key to longevity of the unit and ultimate performance.

LG recommends performing a Tub Clean cycle on a monthly basis.


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