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Leaking from Door

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Door leaks can sometimes be caused by clothing that has become trapped between the gasket and door, or a tear in the gasket. In order to see if this is the cause:

Check to make sure no clothing has become trapped between the door glass and the rubber seal. A trapped article of clothing can cause severe damage to the door seal if the load goes into a spin cycle.

Thoroughly clean the door gasket. Dilute ¾ cup of liquid bleach with 1 gallon of warm water. Use this solution to wipe the gasket and remove any deposits that may be stuck in the door seal. Leave the door open to allow the gasket to dry completely.

After performing the above steps, wash a few lightly soiled items with a speed wash or quick cycle. If the washer was able to complete the cycle with no leakage, you should be able to resume normal operation of your washer.

Tip: Always make sure that all items are pushed all the way into the drum. Do not overload the drum as pressure against the door can prevent proper sealing.

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