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LE Error Code

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An ‘LE’ error code on the display usually means that the motor is either locked or overloaded. This can usually be corrected by performing one or more of the following steps:

Performing a Reset

Removing Excess Items

Checking Detergent Usage

Checking Cycle Selection

Performing a Reset

The ‘LE’ error can sometimes appear simply due to a miscommunication between the control board and the motor. To reset your washer:

Unplug the unit from the power outlet (or turn the circuit breaker off).

Press and hold the START/PAUSE button for five seconds.

Plug your unit back in and run a rinse and spin cycle to confirm the code has been cleared.

Removing Excess Items

Single, bulky items such as comforters or extremely large loads can add extra weight to the drum which will stress the motor. If your washer is possibly overloaded, remove some items to decrease the load size and restart the cycle.

Tip: Never fill the drum of your washer more than ¾ of the way full, or no more than 22 pounds of dry linen. This ensures that the items inside have plenty of room to tumble for maximum cleaning efficiency.

Checking Detergent Usage

Excess suds in your washer are one of the main causes of the ‘LE’ error code. It is important to always use a HE (or High Efficiency) detergent.

If you have not been using a HE detergent, your unit will need to be reset by performing the following steps:

Unplug your washer for approximately 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, restore power to the washer and press the POWER button.

Press the SPIN SPEED button to select ‘NO SPIN’.

Press the START/PAUSE button to begin a drain only cycle.

After the cycle is complete, remove all items from the washer and perform a rinse and spin cycle. This will remove excess suds and light residue from the drum.

Tip: Follow the manufacturer’s recommended amount for detergent usage. If suds are present, reduce that amount by half.

Checking Cycle Selection

Gentle wash cycles such as Permanent Press, Delicate, Hand Wash, and Wool/Silk should only be used for smaller load sizes. These cycles are gentler in tumbling and spinning. If using these cycles on a larger load size, remove items such as towels, and large sheets and reset your unit as described previously. Once you have reset your unit, run a test cycle to confirm the code has been cleared.

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