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Vibrations / UE error – Load Size

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UE Error – Load Size



 When the load is too small (very few light garments) or way too large (comforter, blanket, carpet,

 rug, etc.) the center of the mass is not properly balanced and appliance risk convulsing.  

 Ensure your washing loads are more than just a few items.

 In the case of very large items, evenly spread the laundry inside and re-start wash.

Note : "UE error occurs when the laundry inside the tub is not evenly spread after the balancing

             process. This does not happen during the warm-up spin of washing and rinsing cycles. It

             normally proceeds to the next step. Small but heavy materials such as rugs, carpet, etc.

             are non-distributable objects. In their case, spinning will just not work.


How to wash

 ⊙ Drying function will be skipped when selecting blanket cycle (bulky/large or jumbo).

 ⊙ Never wash electric blankets (can damage washing machine and laundry).

 ⊙ Do not mix blanket and common clothes together in the same washing load.

    Otherwise, clothes and blanket will get tangled and this can cause the appliance to convulse and

    agitate itself.

 ⊙ Spin may take longer in order to balance blanket that is gathered to one side.

 ⊙ Regardless of the size of blankets, washing them one by one is recommended for better cleaning.

    Washing two blankets with different types of material may unbalance the tub and this will negatively

    affect spinning.

 ⊙ Do not roll blanket when placing it into the tub. Evenly spread it and fill up to 80% of tub with other

    laundry items if need be.



[Recommended: less than 80%]





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