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IE Error – Water Supply Issue

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 “IE” Error Code




 ① Check that the house tap water valves are “opened”.

     Otherwise, water is not being supplied to the washing machine.
     This error code occurs
when desired water level is not reached within 8 minutes of machine

     filling up.

 ② Should the water supply hose be incorrectly connected to the washing machine’s rear entry point

     or fitted way too loosely causing much water to leak out, there will not be ample water properly

     supplied to the washing machine. This can interrupt the flow of water.

     After closing water valve, pull out water supply hose and re-connect it firmly.
     When reconnecting hoses ensure that the hose couplings are aligned straight with the machine’s

     respective inlet connectors, tighten them then do not forget to re-open the water tap.


 ① Turn the water tap “on” to maximum opening.


 ② Check whether cold and hot water tap were not accidentally switched.
     (Color on the tap
can be different from the common tap color.)

 Connect water supply hose in the back of the washing machine.

 ③ Turn water taps “off” then connect hose to respective water supply valves. Turn the water taps

     “on” to see if water leaks.

[Water supply from house tap]




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