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Not enough water filling up

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Is amount of water in the tub insufficient?



cause Cause


        ■ Front-load washing machines use a “Drop by rotating force system” in which water soaked

           laundry is tumbled and brought to the top then dropped to the bottom of the tub forcing water

           and detergent through the fabric for a thorough cleaning as opposed to agitator-type washers

           brushing water against the surface of clothing’s fabric only. Therefore, in order to operate to

           maximum performance front load washers are designed to require less water for washing. 


        ■ There is a substantial gap between the stationary plastic tub enclosure and the rotating

           stainless steel drum enough to fill a gallon or so of water adding to the quantity absorbed

           by the load.


        ■ Since less water is being used, it helps with water conservation.



how to fix How to fix


        ■ Although the water surface cannot be seen in the tub as the laundry is soaked with water, the

           washing gets properly done allowing detergent soluble water to drive through clothing’s fabric.


           water level inside tub

                                    <Water level inside tub>


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