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Regular cleaning-up of dispenser drawer

  • Water/Suds Issues
  • Too Many Suds
  • Troubleshooting
  • Washer & Dryers, Washing Machines





Have you cleaned dispenser drawer?



cause Cause


         ■ Using too much detergent or regular detergent instead of High Efficiency (HE) detergents for

             front-loading washing machines may create excessive suds inside the tub which can affect

             spinning and rinsing not to mention overabundant suds inevitably bound to escape washer

             through slightest crack, fall to the ground then eventually result in a small puddle of water.

         ■ Also, detergent residue can remain in the tub and come out through the drain hose with foam.


         Too much use of fabric softener, especially very viscous type, may leave a residue at the end

             of the dispenser drawer that risk solidifying and building into a ridge preventing the water from

             fully dispensing next time around.



how to fix How to fix


         ■ Adequate amount of detergent should be used.

            Detergent residue in the dispenser drawer can flow into the tub during rinsing, creating suds or,

            if cannot be dissolved, act as a piece of chalk that will stain clothing during the wash. Although

            below illustration may get misconstrued as misleading, it is highly recommended that any

            powdered detergent be put inside the tub along with the load to wash.


           adequate amount of detergent

                 <Guideline for adequate amount of detergent>


         ■ How to clean dispenser drawer

            - Dispenser drawer needs to be regularly cleaned because water supply is easily affected by residue.

              Otherwise, water may overflow or leak.

            - Disassemble dispenser drawer into parts and clean each with a soft brush and washcloth in warm water.

            1) Press and hold the fabric softener cap and slowly take the drawer out.
            2) Clean the drawer as well as the area where the drawer is inserted.

            3) It is recommended to clean the drawer once a week.


               dispenser cleaning method

                    <Dispenser drawer of a front-load washing machine>


                    6 mothion dispenser cleaning method

                   <Dispenser drawer for 6-motion washing machine>








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