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Water leaking from the door

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Troubleshooting door water leakage



cause Cause


        ■  If water happens to leak through the door even though the airtight rubber gasket(1) around the

            door is completely intact, it may be that foreign materials are caught between the glass door

            and the gasket. Most commonly observed in households with pets shedding hair, it only takes

            a few strands of hair to prevent the gasket’s airtightness properties from performing optima.


       ※ If rubber gasket(1) is deformed or ripped, please contact LG Customer Service Call Center.




how to fix How to fix


      Clean the rubber gasket(1) and door glass regularly with a soft towel.



   rubber gasket foreign material



        Also, gently clean sealing(2) around the gasket and door glass.

             how to clean


        1) Gasket:

            - Gasket is a mechanical part that creates a seal between the front of the washer and

              the tub holding the water to prevent any leakage.


        2) Sealing:

            - Sealing around the glass door is used to prevent any leakage from inside and protect

              mechanical device from external particles filtering in.




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