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Long Time Drying – Timer Issue

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Is timer not decreasing drying time? (Stuck there!)




  - Depending on the amount of laundry, cleanliness of filter and rotation strength the drying

    time will vary. 

    Until clothes are completely dried, 6 minutes or any number between 6 to 16 minutes will

    appear on the display panel and remain appearing stuck there, until the load has been sensed

    as practically done and ready to proceed to cool down, for as long as it will require sometimes

    up to 2 hours. More often than enough, a very tiny small load will be at the root cause of this

    long time drying symptom. Humidity sensors are designed to lean toward a more conservative

    approach when incapable of properly monitoring the load on account of it being way too small.



  - Dry adequate amount of laundry (5~7kg)

  - If drying time is long even though the laundry amount is adequate, remove and clean the lint

    filter in the middle of cycle program then reinsert filter and resume drying.






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