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Small loads

  • Not Heating/Not Drying
  • Not Drying/Long Dry Time
  • Operation
  • Dryers




Is laundry load too small?



cause Cause


         ■ When laundry load is too small, the sensor inside the drum cannot properly detect dampness

             of the load resulting in insufficient drying.

         ■ Small laundry load tend to stick to the wall of the drum and rotate along, also resulting in

             incomplete drying.

          Add more wet laundry, in the vicinity of 3kg, before drying in order to obtain more efficient

             result and quicker drying time.



cause How to fix


         ■ If drying is incomplete, you can control drying time manually although, very small load tend to

            take as long if not longer to dry as regular load.

           time drying mane

                                                                            elect drying time>

            When drying time is set, previously selected cycle will be superseded.


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