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Loud thumping noise

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Thumping noise occurring at the start of drying cycle then gradually




cause Cause

        ■ Noise at the beginning of a cycle may be heard when the product hasn’t been used for a long

            period of time. Laundry, especially very damp heavy articles, get tangled up in a ball as they are

            lifted and dropped inside the tub in the early stage of drying.


        ■ Tub is also sitting on rollers. Rollers get pressed down and flattened due to the weight of the tub

            particularly when dryer sitting dormant for a good number of days.



how to fix How to fix


        ■ Spread out the laundry in the tub. Rest assured the noise will have substantially decreased by

            the time the load has dried. 


        ■ Also, flattened rollers will slowly recover returning to their original cylindrical shape with the heat

            generated. So, as the tub starts spinning the noise will disappear.




           rollers inside dryer

                                                   Rollers inside dryer



            By design the drum inside a matching washing machine dryer is much larger in size therefore

            heavier. As such, for weight support, the drums sit on two rollers. Should these rollers be made

            of steel or wood, there would be loud banging noise throughout a cycle being the drum would be

            bouncing off the rollers with the tumbling of the load.


            Material utilized instead is a solid, spongy cellular material for a very quiet operation while drum

            is rotating. The downside however is when the dryer is left stationary for a few days, a week for

            example, the weight of the drum crushes the surface of the rollers it sits on flattening only a



            Moment dryer is started up the unevenness of these spongy rollers trying to keep up with the

            rotation of the drum will create a thumping noise, somewhat similar to driving a car that just

            experienced a flat tire.


            Within a few minutes, with the heat generated, the spongy type rollers will regain their initial

            circular shape for a much quieter operation. So, not to worry about any thumping sound that

            may come from the dryer gradually muting itself, especially when appliance is used only


            Should all above troubleshooting tips have failed to produce positive results and the unfortunate

            situation still persists, then we have no other alternative than acknowledge a mechanical or electronic

            fault with the product. If the appliance is still under warranty please contact LG customer service at

            1.888.542.2623 for repair options. For out-of-warranty products, still call our customer service to find

            out about our One Price repair program.

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