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Hearing vibration or shaking noise?




how to setup Cause


        Dryers can move slightly even though they are always used at the same spot on account of the

           perpendicular transversal motion of the drum especially if the dryer feet are not properly tightened.


           Please adjust the dryer level.



how to setup How to setup


       ① When installing a dryer, ensure to choose solid rigid flooring and leveled area.

            Keep a minimum distance of 30 centimeters from the wall.




       ② Adjust four leveling legs up and down as necessary and check the gap between the dryer and


            (Push down the edges of dryer diagonally, front to rear, or right to left to check if it rocks)


                           levelling 2


        ③ If the dryer is not leveled, adjust the leveling legs for sturdiness.

             If and when the slope gradient from left to right or front to rear reaches over 25 cm the machine

             risks malfunctioning.


                            levelling 3


        ④ If the machine rocks when pushed from front to back or left to right corner to corner or while

             drying, adjust the feet again.


                        levelling 4

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