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Stacking dryer over washer - Minimum Clearance

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Installing the dryer on top of the washer




how to setup How to setup


        ■ When stacking the dryer on top of the washer, it is imperative and mandatory to purchase the

            optional Stacking Kit accessory and install it on the washer.

            Failure to do so risks causing noise and malfunction as well as may result in bodily harm and

            damage to product.

        Stacking is only possible when sizes of both dryer and washer are the same.




 Minimum Clearance Dimensions


PLEASE NOTE: Despite aforementioned factory laid-out dimensions, to avoid yourself grief down the road, you may want to leave yourself two (2) inches on both sides so that you may slide your hands in should the washer have moved itself from an unbalanced load or should you need to pull it out for service or troubleshooting. Ensure sufficient free space at the rear (at least 4 inches). You may want to leave yourself two inches at the top as well for ease of accessing and moving dryer about.

Washer is bound to vibrate slightly. If the washer side panels rub against a wall and vibrating while in spin cycle, both vibration and vibration noise will get amplified throughout the house. Best recommendation to avoid this scenario is to leave sufficient space between the sides of the washer and the walls and make sure flooring is extra rigid.

PLEASE NOTE: VERY! VERY IMPORTANT! Make sure the floor underneath stacked units is INCREDIBLY RIGID! Any play or softness that could allow washer to wobble will have combined units vibrate exponentially and reverberate throughout the house. Nobody wants that!

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