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Long-time drying ; Timer not decreasing

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Taking a long time to dry while timer won’t decrease




cause Cause


       - Drying time varies depending on the load, spin level and cleanliness of the lint filter as well as that

         of the venting exhaust duct all the way outside.



how to fix How to fix


       - Dryer detects progress in Sensor Dry mode and controls total drying time
          therefore the time displayed upon starting cycle may change


       - A dryer sensor detects dampness remaining in the load when displayed drying

         time reaches six minutes for a gas dryer and 11 minutes for an electric dryer to

         more accurately assess when best to terminate drying time cycle. 


            gas operated, electric operated dryer


       - Drying time can increase at this time, and it may change few times depending
         on progress and amount of laundry during a cycle.


       - If the laundry is not completely dried even after drying for the maximum time machine

         will allow for respective cycle, add time in Manual Drying or Timed Drying mode.

         how to add time



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