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No Power – Verify fuse box

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No power / Power but won’t heat



cause Cause


        ■ Circuit breaker can be tripped or fuse blown due to unstable current especially if either devices

            haven’t been changed or replaced a good number of years.


        ■ In the case of a new home, new installation or house renovation it may happen that the 220 volt

           current from the wall AC dryer-specific receptacle has yet to be connected.




Most North American electrical appliances run on 100~120 volt 15 amps. Any combined electrical

consumption from a specific house line surpassing 1,500 watts (100v X 15a) will blow a fuse or trip

that respective breaker. 1,500 watts is way insufficient to attempt drying a load of damp clothing.


Hence the reason two common heat-generating household appliances, dryer & range, rely on 3-phase

220 volt AC receptacles capable of generating 6,000 watts of power for more adequate heating.



NEMA 14 devices are 4-wire grounding devices available in ratings of 15–60A. All NEMA 14 devices

offer two hot, a neutral and a ground, allowing for both 120V and 240V appliances. The 14-30 has a

rating of 30A and an L-shaped neutral pin. The 14-50 has a rating of 50A and a straight neutral pin

sized so that it will not fit in the slot of a 14-30. NEMA 14-30 devices are most commonly found serving

electrically-heated clothes dryers, while 14-50 devices most commonly serve kitchen ranges. In the

United States, these are generally found in buildings constructed after the 1996 National Electrical

Code. In Canada, NEMA 14 devices were introduced earlier and as such are more common here.


Do note that not the entire appliance runs on 220 volt, only the heating element. Every other component

either being the motor, the fan blower or the control panel still operate at regular 110 volt.


So, you might think all is well with the dryer on account of the control display panel lighting up but if the

220 volt line is broken off or that breaker tripped or large fuse blown there will be no heat generated

inside the dryer drum.




how to fix How to fix


        ■ If the product cannot be turned on, please check if the circuit breaker has tripped. 


           Also check whether fuse has been blown.


                  circuit breaker

                                  <Check circuit breaker>



        ■ If there is power to the dryer but no heat is being generated and the dryer had been previously

           operating fine please check whether the circuit breaker has tripped. 


           Or check whether fuse has been blown.



        ■ If If there is power to the dryer but no heat is being generated and this is a completely new

           installation or recent renovation in the laundry room you may need to get an electrician to verify

           whether the 220 volt current is indeed live.

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