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Water splashing out

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Water Splashing Out – WaveForce™


LG’s WaveForce™ technology creates a waterfall-like force that penetrates into fabrics for outstanding

wash performance while being gentle on fabrics.




 Some top load washing machines feature this cascade style washing motion producing powerful

 waterfall-like flow penetrating the tub from the top.
 Whenever WaveForce™ feature is enabled as part of the wash program it is normal that small

 amount of water splash out from the tub. 
 Large amount or non-HE (high efficiency) detergents being used will also cause suds to leak out

 eventually producing a small puddle of water around the appliance.

How to Repair
 This is not a product defect.
 Overflowing bubbles (suds) may be perceived as a leak once the suds have turned to a small

 puddle  of water on the floor. Using appropriate amount and HE (high efficiency) detergent is

 highly recommended.





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