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Transferring Media Files between Phone & Computer (PC or MAC)

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For most LG Android Smartphones there are a few different ways by which users can transfer their multimedia files (pictures, video & music) and documents from their smartphone over to their computer whether PC or MAC. 


Bluetooth method:


Please make sure your computer's Bluetooth feature is enabled and your device is visible when seeking to pair from the phone.




LG Bridge Software method:




The Quik’n’Easy way:


 Connect the USB charging cable to your phone and to a USB port on your computer.

Once successful, you will notice the USB icon appearing on the phone screen in the top left.

Put your fingertip at the top center of the screen and, applying enough pressure, slide it down.

Quick notification panel will appear with USB line stipulating "Charging only".

By default, USB task on a smartphone is set to CHARGING.

Tap the USB Charging only notification to open it up.






 Notice the USB connection option listed.

Either Tap "File transfer" or "Photo transfer" for your computer to recognize the phone device in its root directory.

Make sure to complete the transfer of task by tapping JUST ONCE at the bottom.





You are now set to transfer files between the phone and your computer and vice versa.

Photos captured on the phone will be located in the DCIM/Camera folder unless you had specified otherwise (SD external card).

Screenshots captured by phone will be located in the Pictures/Screenshots folder.

Either Drag 'n' Drop desired file(s) or Open from application to view.




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