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Incapability to purchase Apps from Android Market

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Confirm with customer that phone’s operating system to be Android. If Windows go to step 6.


Accessing the Android Market requires a Google account such as Gmail or other e-mail account.


If user already has a Gmail account then sign in using those coordinates.


Else create an account by associating desired e-mail address to Google account.


Settings > Accounts & sync > Add Account > Google > follow on-screen instructions


If Windows OS, a Windows Live ID account will be required to access Marketplace


If user has a Windows Live ID have them sign in, else they will need to create an account


App Menu > Markekplace > sign in Live ID account > create one if not already done so


For purchasing Windows App, a valid credit card number will need be registered at


    PLEASE NOTE:    Android Market is INCOMPATIBLE with Windows Phones.

                                Windows Marketplace is INCOMPATIBLE with Android Phones.


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