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Pairing Phone to Car via Bluetooth

  • Bluetooth
  • Car Kit Compatibility
  • Operation
  • Cell Phones


On the phone: Settings > Wireless & networks > Bluetooth > enable feature


Attempting to pair while in the car without ignition “on” or engine started is futile.


On the phone: Bluetooth settings > Discoverable > enable > Scan for devices


If none located, refer to car’s user manual.


Many cars will require pairing be done from car console


i.e. Sonata: setup button > select BT > press ENTER > select Pair > press ENTER


Make sure the phone’s Bluetooth is enabled and in Discoverable mode


BT car options: Pair – Select – Priority – Delete – BT off – BT volume (example provided)


If no BT menu on car console and pairing from phone fails to produce results… incompatible!


Unfortunately, aforementioned scenario is a possibility and there is no fix.




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