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Lock Pattern/Code

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Your cell phone has security options that you can enable to prevent unwanted access to your phone.

- The type of security options available on your cell phone will vary depending on the type of phone and the service provider. To see which options are available on your phone, you will need to access the security menu.

- The security menu can usually be found as a sub-menu of the settings menu. If your cell phone requires you to enter a four digit code to access your security menu, and you have not already set your own code, try entering "0000" or the last four digits of your cell phone number.

- Once in the security menu you should be able to set a personal four digit code.

- Depending on the model, your cell phone may refer to this code as a security, pass, or pin code.

- Also depending on your model your cell phone may have other security options such as a "Password" or "Pattern Lock".

* If you enable a security option on your cell phone, ensure that the code you set is one that you will remember. If you forget your code, it cannot be retrieved by LG.

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