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Data and Internet Connection Smartphone

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Carrier Data and Internet Connection


If you have a smartphone such as an Android phone, most carriers require you to have a data plan in addition to your voice plan on your cellular service.

- Today’s Smartphones use a lot of data as compared to feature phones.

- Your phone will use data for things like checking email, syncing contacts, downloading navigation information, downloading applications, downloading updates, as well as many apps on your phone will use the data connection to retrieve information, such as weather apps downloading the latest weather information.

- And of course your internet browser on your phone will use the data connection to let you surf the internet.

- MMS or multimedia text messages also use the data connection to be sent and received.

- About the only features that do not use the data connection will be making or receiving voice calls and sending or receiving SMS or standard text messages.

- If you discover that you cannot use the features that require a data connection, you may want to contact your carrier to make sure there is not a problem with your service or your phone being registered on the data network.

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