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Memory Management Android

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Memory Management on Android


If you are a casual user of your Android phone, you may never see a “low memory” notification. You may never experience issues downloading app or transferring media to your phone due to available memory. But if you do, or maybe you are a power user and just like having a little more control over how your device uses its memory, you do have some options for this.

- From your home screen tap the menu button and select settings.

- Select applications.

- Select manage applications.

- Select the All tab.

- Tap on the menu button below the display and select sort by size.

- Tap on an application in the list.

- It will show you how much memory the app is using and give you the option to move the app to the SD card or to the internal memory.

* Note not all apps can be moved to the SD memory card.

- It will also give you options to clear data and clear cash. This will free up memory the app is using.

* Note this will delete saved games and login information stored on the phone.

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