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Fixed screen feature

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Fixed screen mode is a function that will only allow App currently running to be used.

If you enable fixed screen mode, the running App won’t stop even if you happen to press the Home button by mistake.

Or, you can show only the one desired App when you share your mobile phone with others.

How to enable fixed screen

1.  Turn on fixed screen function using Settings > General > Fingerprint and security > Fixed screen menu.

2.  Select an App to use fixed screen function.

3.  Click the Recently used button to open the recent use history screen.

4.  Slide up desired screen and touch the fixed screen icon for screen to stick.

How to cancel screen fixing

To cancel screen fixing, press and hold Previous button and Recently used button simultaneously.


If fixed screen is enabled, you may not be able to receive any calls, e-mails or App notifications.

If you want to prevent others from canceling screen locking and using the phone, select Settings > Fingerprint and security > Fixed screen menu and set Move to the locking screen when canceling fixed screen. If the pertinent function is set, you have to input the knock code, pattern or PIN to cancel fixed screen.


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