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Customizing sound notification/ringtone on Android phone

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Either sound notifications or ringtone can be customized to the sound of your favorite tune. Please note that this feature is completely separate from the Ringtone ID feature which that one is designed to provide a unique ringtone per caller and said ringtone is generated from the phone and cannot be customized.


For customizing the notification sound, tap Settings on the Home Screen > Sound & Notifications > More


Tap default Notification Sound.

This will open up to all sound notification preset options.

Tap the “+” icon in the top right corner.

At the bottom, all relevant Music Apps will populate that box.

If you select an App you do not use for music, as I did initially, it will open up to a blank screen when you try to choose a song.


No worries. Simply go you your Apps from Settings > General > Apps and seek the incorrectly selected App. In my case it was Google Play Music. Double Tap the App to access it then tap the Disable button near the top right. Select YES in the following screen.



Returning to:  Sound & Notifications > More > Notification Sound > “+”

A list of the songs uploaded to your phone will appear alphabetically.

Select desired song.

It will now be your new default notification sound.

The same instructions apply for customizing the phone’s ringtone.

Customized ringtones will always be prioritized and listed under MY RINGTONES.

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