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Restoring deleted memos (QMemo+)

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Deleted memos from the QuickMemo+ App are moved and temporarily stored to the trashcan then permanently purged out after 7 days. Within that 7-day period, you can restore any memos you wish to keep.



 Restoring deleted memos


Memos deleted from QuickMemo+ App can be restored within 7 days from having been sent to the trash. 

Tap the menu tray and select trash to see deleted memos that can be restored.






How to restore deleted memos

 Press and hold a memo and select Restore.

  • To restore several memos at once, touch the Restore icon at the top, tap to select desired memos, then tap RESTORE.


   Memos will be permanently deleted after being in the trash for 7 days.







How to delete memos


In the same fashion as restoring memos, these items can easily be sent to the trash can.


Home > QuickMemo+ > Trash can > either Select All or desired item by putting a checkmark (tapping) in respective box > DELETE.





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