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Google Play Services has stopped

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You may come across message saying “Google Play services stopped.” This is a message most people don’t want to see when using their phone. But you shouldn’t worry. There are several different methods to fix this issue when you see the Google Play services stopped message. Just follow below guide step by step consecutively until issue resolved.

Main reason you will see the “Google Play services stopped” error message is because of a change in settings on the Android operating system. Even though it’s not always clear why Google Play services stopped, if you follow various below troubleshooting tips sequentially, you should be able to open Google Play store.



The first thing to try is to clear the cache off Google Play Store. You can do this by going to: Menu > Settings > General > Apps > “Google Play services” > Storage. You’ll see a button at the bottom that says “Clear Cache” which you need to tap in order to reset cache to 0 byte which will fix the issue. After you’ve cleared the cache, you need to restart the phone by powering it down then powering it back on.



After you have restarted your phone, should Google Play services still be unresponsive, follow the previous steps from above again by going: Settings > General > Apps > Top right corner Option Menu > “Reset app preferences” > RESET. After you’ve done this, you need to restart your phone again to find out whether the fix resolved the issue.


The next thing you may need to do to fix this “Google Play services has stopped” message from showing up is removing your Google account then adding it back again. You can remove your Google account from the home screen, by selecting Settings > General > Accounts & sync > Google > account listed > top right corner option menu > Remove account > Remove. After having deleted your Google account, go back and reinstall it by tapping Settings > General > Accounts & sync > Add Account.



Final step in resolving “Google Play services stopped” is by performing a Wipe Cache Partition. Tap Settings > General > Storage > Internal Storage > Cached Data > OK. After you’ve cleared the Cache Partition, you should stop having problems with the Google Play store not opening on your phone.



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