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Check Signal Cable Error

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Signal Out of Range Error

Likely Cause

No cable is connected or the cable is defective.



Try This

A check connection message will display when the monitor is turned on and it senses no cable is connected. Even if the PC is turned off, this message should not display as long as a cable is connected properly.  Make sure the cable is firmly seated into the monitor and the PC.

- Verify the video connections. (See connection diagram below)
- Check for bent pins.
- Try a different cable.

Mac adapter

For Apple Macintosh use, a separate plug adapter is needed to change the 15 pin high density (3 row) D-sub VGA connector on the supplied cable to a 15 pin 2 row connector.

A. Using the DVI (Digital) connector on the video card.
Connect the DVI Cable to the DVI Port on the back of your Monitor.

B. Using the D-sub (Analog) connector on the video card.
Connect the signal cable to the 15-pin, D-sub connector on the back of your monitor.

- If you connect both the D-sub and DVI cables to one computer at the same time, you may get a blank screen, depending on the type of video card you are using.
- If you properly connect your monitor using the DVI connector but get a blank screen, check to see if the monitor status is set to analog. Select Digital input source to have the monitor double-check the input signal source.







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