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LG Screen Manager crashing

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Should you find yourself experiencing crashing issues from Apple exclusive LG monitor model 27MD5KA or 22MD4KA when connecting to Mac Book Pro (model with touch bar) operating macOS 10.13, also known as High Sierra, then please refer to hereby article to resolve such issue.


Users running LG Screen Manager version 2.06 with Mac Book Pro (model with a touch bar) running macOS version 10.13, also known as High Sierra, the LG Screen Manager version 2.06 will crash the moment user connects LSM supported monitor to their Mac Book Pro.


Check which LG Screen Manager version number the monitor is currently supporting. This crashing situation only happens on LG Screen Manager version 2.06. If the user has installed a newer greater version of the LG Screen Manager such as version 2.08 or greater for example, there will be no crashing issue to report.



  1. Verify current macOS version of the Mac Book Pro.
  2. If macOS version happens to be High Sierra (ver. 10.13) the LG Screen Manager of the monitor will crash.
  3. Download and Install LG Screen Manager ver. 2.08 or greater which will resolve this incompatibility issue experienced with Mac Book Pro running macOS 10.13.
  4. Download latest version of LG Screen Manager from web site.



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