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HDR content failing to display at 75Hz via DisplayPort

  • Video Issues
  • No Video
  • Operation
  • Desktop Monitors


Users might come across unusual situation whereas the HDR content they are attempting to view on their LG HDR monitor won’t display at all.


Unfortunate situation with LG HDR monitor may arise resulting in content not appearing on screen. Users failing to bring up HDR content on their LG HDR monitor under the following circumstances will need to temporarily revert back to a previous driver version.

Situation will arise if these conditions are met:

  1. Picture mode set to HDR
  2. HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Color enabled
  3. PC resolution running at 75Hz
  4. Video source signal connected to DisplayPort
  5. NVIDIA GTX1050/1080 Graphics Driver’s version is 388.13

 Before proceeding to troubleshooting instructions, do confirm the “No Video” situation is a direct result from aforementioned conditions.



NVIDIA has informed HDR monitor manufacturers they will be releasing a new driver for this “no video” issue at 75Hz in the near future.

In the meanwhile, users can temporarily circumvent this issue by un-installing current driver and replacing it by an older version of this Graphics Driver.

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