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Smart TV “Out of Memory” error message

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“Out of Memory – Closing App” message on screen






Unlike laptop PC featuring multi gigabytes of memory Smart TV are not that well-endowed offering

limited on-board memory in processing video signal appearing on screen. It may happen from time

to time that a message to that effect appears on screen whenever streaming from the Internet or any

of Premium Content services. Rectifying situation is easily executed through following steps.





Press Smart  button è Open Browser from the Launcher bar

Click Browser Settings  icon at top right of the screen

Select Settings from the drop-down dialog box

Turn Private Browsing “on”

Click on Clear Browsing Data

Dialog box “Clear All Browsing Data?” pops up è Click OK button

All Browsing Data Has Been Deleted message will confirm successfully done

Power down television then turn it back "on" again

Proceed to streaming to verify situation has been rectified.

If not, repeat steps from the beginning and selecting Bookmarks to delete those.


As an added precaution from situation re-occurring, you may want to deactivate cookies for

collection of viewing habits.

Press Smart  button è Settings  icon è General Setting è Data-Based Services

Select Cookies

Disable feature by turning it “off”

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