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UP970 – 4K player Dolby Vision Support

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Pending Firmware Update – Expected late February 2018



Sometimes things don’t work out as planned. Such has been the case with the LG 4K resolution disc player, model UP970, expected to support Dolby Vision disc playability from the launch date. Please refer to following Press Release. For whatever reason, it just didn’t pan out. These things happen with new technologies rolling out rapidly.


 Progress Development


We hold it from the factory engineers that a firmware update is in the works and should be made available to end users sometime near the end of February 2018.

Engineers had to iron out the bugs from the initial version and, while at it, will ensure to include Netflix Dolby Vision streaming playability pending certification process.

Customers will be informed via Firmware Update pop-up message on screen to proceed with the upgrade the moment new version is released.

Thank you for your patience and understanding with respect to this matter and we wish you phenomenal viewing enjoyment moving forward.


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