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SmartShare™ – Media file playability platform

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LG SmartShare™ Feature & Functionality



LG SmartShare™ is a Smart TV platform enabling quick access to multimedia file playability whether through streaming or hardwired connection. It is not software nor should it be mistaken for one.



Smartphones have become way more sophisticated than personal computers, at the exception of memory storage capability, so pushing phone content to view on a large screen TV is pretty much the simplest thing you could do.


If the source or media server happens to be your PC then exactly how old is it? If you need to install DLNA server software then it is very old. Most computers in the past 5 years or more are all DLNA certified which means, if you are running any Windows operating system, you will need to instruct your PC you wish to share multimedia content else nothing from your PC will appear on you TV screen.


1.    Click on the Windows Start button on the left bottom corner

2.    Locate Control Panel option and click it.

3.  Click on "Network and Sharing Center"


4. Click on "Choose homegroup and sharing options"


5. Click on "Change advanced sharing settings..."


6. Select "Home"


7. If Media streaming is "off" click on "Choose media streaming options..."


8. Here you can "Allow All", select desired devices or "Block All"



MAC users are probably more comfortable using the PLEX software to better manage their media library. PC users wishing to take advantage of the more sophisticated and solidly built software can download a version from the LG website.





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